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Lumbosacral vertebral body

The lumbar vertebrae consist of five individual cylindrical bones that form the spine in the lower back. Non- recognition of this variant and/ or poor description in the report can lead to operations or procedures performed at the wrong level. The cervicothoracic junction, the thoracolumbar junction, or the lumbosacral junction.
The lumbar spine' s lowest two spinal segments, L4- L5 and L5- S1, which include the vertebrae and discs, bear the most weight and are therefore the most prone to degradation and injury. This fusion can occur in one or both sides of the body. Apr 03, · Sacralization of L5 or sacralisation of fifth lumbar vertebra is a congenital anomaly, in which the lumbar vertebra, mainly its transverse process, gets fused or semi- fused with the sacrum or the ilium or to both. The muscles of the lower back help stabilize, rotate, flex, and extend the spinal column, which is a bony tower of 24 vertebrae that gives the body structure and houses the spinal cord. Sagittal CT image demonstrates “ wedging” of a sacralized L5 transitional vertebral body ( white arrow). Lumbosacral vertebral body. Lyn_ _ 0_ _ 0 My MRI of my lumbar spine is normal except it says: There may be a transitional lumbar vertebral body which is difficult to tell with this study- plain film correlation is recommended if surgery was to be planned. Such as “ squaring” of the transitional vertebral body and reduced height of the transitional disc ( Figure 3).

A, Note the decreased height between the sacralized L5 vertebral body and S1 ( black arrow) compared with the normal height typically seen at this level. In which an elongated transverse process of the last lumbar vertebra fuses with varying degree to the “ first” sacral segment. In general, transitional vertebrae refer to a congenital or developmental anomaly in which a vertebrae has the characteristics of two different types of vertebrae. What is a Transitional Lumbar Vertebral Body? They also protect the delicate spinal cord and nerves within their vertebral canal. Nov 01, · Transitional L5 vertebral body in a 52- year- old man.
These vertebrae carry all of the upper body’ s weight while providing flexibility and movement to the trunk region. Jul 29, · Lumbosacral transitional vertebrae. They typically occur at the junction between two different types of vertebrae, i. The lumbar spine meets the sacrum at the lumbosacral joint ( L5- S1). Lumbosacral transitional vertebrae ( LSTV) are a relatively common variant and can be seen in ~ 25% ( range 15- 35% ) of the general population 1- 3.

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